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Thanks for this new forum - Arcadeboy - 15-10-2017


I am Lover of the arcade websites
A pleasure to be in this new forum

Greetings to all Rolleyes

RE: Thanks for this new forum - antz - 15-10-2017

Welcome ArcadeBoy, To Arcadesters!

Be sure to contribute to some already established threads, create your own and share some useful information and as well as list and buy in the marketplace.

Be also sure to share Arcadesters with your friends once again Welcome! =D


RE: Thanks for this new forum - Beglerbeg - 21-10-2017

Hello everyone, I hope we will build successful forum, I am going to invite some people I know from TalkArcades, you can also send emails or post on similar forums if you are an active member.

I found that some people are active on arcadebooster forum too.