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Hi to all arcadesters ;) - Goja - 16-10-2017

I'm glad that Antz was quick to replace fallen Talk Arcades site.

I hope Arcadesters forum will have less spam messages than TA and to be a place to exchange knowledge and ideas around arcade game sites.

Greetings from Zagreb, Croatia...

RE: Hi to all arcadesters ;) - antz - 17-10-2017

Hello Goja,
Greetings from Scotland and yes I figured that it would be a very long time until we could see a proper replacement for TalkArcades which is why I built Arcadesters as a suitable replacement.

Hopefully more will share this forum and be able to re-connect with their fellow webmasters alot more quickly.


RE: Hi to all arcadesters ;) - Goja - 17-10-2017

I have share it on Myarcadeplugin's forum but I saw that you already posted there also.

I will share a link to Arcadesters on some Croatian forums which arcade webmasters may visit.

The more (of us here) the merrier Wink

RE: Hi to all arcadesters ;) - adytt - 21-10-2017

Good to know some of the folks from talkarcades regruped here. I just signed up also

RE: Hi to all arcadesters ;) - hmsnaveen95 - 25-09-2018

It was great to hear old members rejoined here again.

Welcome to every one.