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Arcade trade script website problems - adytt - 27-06-2018

Hello, I own a website that runs the latest version of the arcade trade script cms. Maybe you know that the new owner of Arcade trade script took down his website, so now everytime I log in admin panel, I get redirected to his offline website, actually the message of the hosting company stating that website is suspended. Problem is that I have to click on the red X inside my browser window multiple times in order to stop the redirection to be able to work inside the admin panel, to post a new game etc.

Looking inside the CMS php code there are base64 encoded portions of code that work like a license validation trying to comunicate with the non longer existing link so if there are here persons that confront with the same problem and managed to solve it, or if there is one that can hack this stupid thing please let me know. I have a valid license for this CMS, yet the owner has never replied to me once he took down the website.