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Hola TalkArcades! - Rash - 29-08-2018

Hi guys,

I am Rash from Talk Arcades.

Was missing TA so joined here. Not sure if this is going to be as exciting as TA, but then the overall arcades stuff has lost the excitement and charm.

Have a great life!


RE: Hola TalkArcades! - antz - 30-08-2018

Hello Rash,
Welcome to! Plenty of threads already open with useful information and links to various things feel free to contribute to them or any experience you might have as I'm always looking for more content for

It might not have the drama TalkArcades has but I've tried to make it a suitable replacement as close to TA as possible with some improvements to the overall experience, as more and more people join this forum will improve more and more over time.

Thanks for joining!


RE: Hola TalkArcades! - David - 31-08-2018

Welcome Rash!

RE: Hola TalkArcades! - Arcadeboy - 31-08-2018

Hello, Rash, how are you?


RE: Hola TalkArcades! - lyhiz - 13-09-2018