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Hello Everyone,
I'm Antz, maybe of you will remember me from past partnerships, portals that I've owned and of course being the top moderator at and the user with the most reputation on both in that forum and across the internet in terms of trust and responsibility.

Although I did want to come back, Since it doesn't have the original owner at the helm I feel as though that in itself is enough for me to create this forum which will have a solid root in the ground from now till many many many years to come. I hope to to build a large community which will serve both new webmasters, returning webmasters and well established webmasters as well as both new and old and returning portal game developers, CMS developers, Advertisment Companys, Hosting Companies and other companies relating to this industry but not only that but people who are curious about this sector that we call "Arcade / Online Games Industry Sector".

If you can help me realize this ambition to achieve something modern and robust which will cater to everyone, everywhere.

I hope to see every one of you signed up to this forum and helping to shape it's future.

Thank You & Welcome to

Regards & Respects,