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Did you remove Y8 games? - Beglerbeg - 14-01-2019

Hello, most of y8 games are not playable on other websites now. If you publish their webgl games, only a link to their site will be available. So they just want to steal your traffic. I will never again publish their games or upload a game to their website. 
Here are just few examples on different sites (adblock should be disabled for some sites):

Also, it seems they have disabled their flash games, only a semi transparent black rectangle is visible and games cannot be played, at least for me on Windows 10. I did not have problems with any other flash games:

Thanks to y8 for making a bad user experience.

RE: Did you remove Y8 games? - antz - 14-01-2019

Hello Beglerbeg,
I'd say not only remove Y8 but remove others which requires you to iframe them in order to get the game to play on your website. This sort of thing was expected and I do expect FOG to follow Y8 by doing this to webmasters, it's a major dick move by Y8 but I suppose when you are at the top you can be as greedy as you'd like without anyone to tell you otherwise about unfair practices and anti-competitive conduct almost like they have a.... monopoly? to themselves?.

Lesson here is if it requires an iframe, don't bother with it. replace the page with an informative description page with walkthrough videos instead on "how to play" so you can still bank on the SEO it churns from Y8's indexed results.

Not just the small players who are keeping an eye on Y8 now but the big dudes are too.


RE: Did you remove Y8 games? - Beglerbeg - 15-01-2019

Today you must use iframe to publish HTML5 or WebGL games hosted on different websites, or you need to buy/develop all games available on your website. Flash is almost dead and I don't publish those games anymore. So, we need safe websites and I like these:

GameDistribution shares revenue with developers/publishers, so it is a good choice, and 4j will also accept games hosted on your websites.


RE: Did you remove Y8 games? - TeeJay - 15-01-2019

This move by y8 is not a dick move but actually a very desperate move. Look at the picture below:

[Image: eYVf5xv.jpg]

The organic traffic is slowly going down even for the biggest sites like y8. They have released some good new games in the past years, but still, traffic going down. So they are desperate, they don't meet their yearly profits and start making radical decisions like blocking others to use their games. They don't realize this move will only accelerate their fall. There is a lot of competition in online gaming industry and flash games or html5 games are clearly losing. Kids moved to multiplayer games like Fortnite and .io games and only a small fraction of them keep playing singleplayer games. Sad, but it is a fact.

RE: Did you remove Y8 games? - Beglerbeg - 16-01-2019

Those io games are HTML5 games, so you can build singleplayer or multiplayer HTML5 games.
And the great thing is that they can be played on any device.

RE: Did you remove Y8 games? - antz - 16-01-2019

Well it pretty much is a dick move to be honest the fact that the only notice they given to webmasters was a simple few words posted in the "games for your website" section while the games were still able to be embedded from their source.

Being heavily dependent on other websites to host games for your website for me is just not in my interest to do as Y8 wasn't the only ones to pull out this move as Miniclip have done this in the past too giving pretty much zero notice to webmasters, That spot where you show their iframed content where an advertisement from them shows is pretty valuable advertisement space and in some cases they tend to overdose it on the advertisements.

I'd rather self-host my content for the security of having it all on mines so if they do decide to do sudden u-turns or go offline or change their minds about these things, they can't effect your website. Plus it sort of devalues your own website having to depend on these "feeds" or external sources iframes just increases their worth more than yours I mean why should a visitor go to your website when they can go to where the iframed source is instead? and the Google Bot and other Indexing bots they see nothing but code and that source code should be treated extremely well and I feel as though many webmasters both today and throughout the previous years think it's fine and that so long as you get a trusted source that things will be okay. But the truth is how long will these trusted sources be around for? a few years?.

Side Note:

I've seen many many many gaming websites come and go and many big players in the industry turn to small ones or just dropped off the face of the earth completely.

The terms of what people search changes all the time as another generation goes onto devices another simply change their habits completely. I'd also not fully depend on what Google Trends has to say it's a pretty shit tool to use but rather what you should use is the Google Ads Keyword Tool. As shown here the average traffic volume for "Y8" ranges from 10,000 to 100,000 average searches each month and compared to last year this has not really dropped either but stayed the same.
link to screenshot of the result in Google Keyword Ads Tool:

People should stop trying to be clones of Y8 or Friv or whatever pish that's out there and instead focus on the core founding structure of what makes a website great and what doesn't, you are not going to be a Y8 you are instead going to be what you want to be and nobody can tell you otherwise. Make a good website not a "clone of" website. Google's number one desire is to fulfill the needs of what the visitor wants and to provide them with the most relevant content and in most cases uniqueness is gold and puts you in a far higher position than anyone anywhere.

So as for iframes for me, it's a no. I'll either self-hosted it or not have it added at all.


RE: Did you remove Y8 games? - antz - 16-01-2019