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Hi, this is a known thing but there are always some new developer/publishers who don't know about it.
Those guys from are scammers, they don't pay money you earn through their service. Actually they pay to some developers/publishers, so they don't lose all clients, but many people already left gamedistribution. Because of that they started another website, and it's almost same as gamedistribution, it has exactly same APIs, same dashboard and so...

Just like many other, I did not receive money earned until May 201 (when treshold is reached).
Don't use their service, because it is the biggest scam.

Here are just few topics confirming it:

RE: ( are scammers - antz - 16-09-2019

Hello Beglerbeg,
Thanks for sharing I'm sure this will help greatly get the message across to both webmasters and developers alike, It's a shame really because GameDistribution is part of the team group under Kizi & YodaGames it does have potential but let down by issues like that.