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Hello - iMage - 07-01-2018

Hey yall. Been around off and on now in the arcade niche for a long time. Was wondering what had happened to TalkArcades and came across this forum.

RE: Hello - antz - 08-01-2018

Hello iMage,
Hopefully you read the thread I make in regards to talkarcades, it's a shame but it is something I'll try to recover in future but for now, I felt a suitable forum should fill it's place as it's pointless getting the talkarcades site back only to have the same ownership problems while will not have this issue and is something I put alot of time and effort into maintaining that would not repeat the mistakes talkarcades made. Big Grin

Also welcome to glad to have someone like yourself return to the forum even if you aren't within the scene anyone is welcome here.