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I don't know about you, but I think these bot posts are useless. I would describe it as spam.

I've followed through on some of them but I think the prefix [RSS BOT FEED] is too long making the real title cut off too early. Call it RSSbot or something and increase the amount of characters for the title display and it shouldn't be so bad, imo.

Alternatively, exclude the RSS Bot posts from the main Latest Activity block then create another block and have it only containing RSS Bot threads. Would be a good compromise. Smile

This has now been fixed, the sole intention for the feeds were to help quickly inform webmasters of changes from various official sources such as Google Webmaster Tools + Bing for example, this has now been restricted further and booted off the front page and hidden away for now so that member content can be first, content will reappear once fixed and the feeds will be cut down and slowed to a few weeks at a time instead of daily.

[Image: pwnful-banner.fw.png]

Thank you, I am sure it's much better.

Hello Beglerbeg,
That's not a problem on this forum every members feedback is taken into consideration no matter how big or little it might be because at the end of the day, everyone who is members here uses it and contributes to it. This was the sole intension for Arcadesters since day one.

Thanks & Regards,
[Image: pwnful-banner.fw.png]

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