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Hello Folks,
It's 2018 and yet there are webmasters who choose out right to steal bandwidth and storage space, let me make this very brief to those who think hotlinking from others is acceptable. Use your own space, Use your own resources and stop stealing other resources, I've put this post up here so that you the webmaster of can fully see that what you are doing is wrong and that I've personally left you a little gift for you with my thanks for attempting to leech resources off me, So in return, I'll simply use those hotlinked files you've done and redirect it all to me.

Whois Protection can only go so far, so I'll wait for search engines to pick this up. So it can stay in the search results forever.

I recommend you all check if this website has attempted to steal bandwidth and storage from you cause not a single thumb image or SWF file or any is self-hosted by that website but rather stolen and hotlinked.

Thanks & Regards,
[Image: pwnful-banner.fw.png]

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