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Reminder: MyArcadeTheme Version 5.3 Released & 5.4 On The Horizon

We had released MyArcadeTheme Version 5.3 a little while ago that added new features and fixed quite a few bugs. 

[Image: myarcadetheme-device-mockup530-530x128.png]

= v5.3.0 – 2018-04-24 =
  • New – Option to chose between two Fullscreen options (old style with reloading or JS based without reloading)

  • New – Option to enable/disable back to top button

  • New – Newly built author box for blog posts (no more needing to use another plugin)!

  • New – Social Media Buttons for author box, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and much more!

  • New – Support for shortcodes in the text widget

  • New – Members can “create a group” from their BuddyPress profile if this functionality is enabled.

  • New – Option to set the default order for promoted games box

  • Tweak – Change top bar icon for BuddyPress Pages

  • Tweak – Minor style improvements for BuddyPress Pages

  • Fix – Predefined sort option on category pages doesn’t work properly

  • Fix – Sort option “Most Played” doesn’t work correctly

  • Fix – Disable Smooth Scrolling option

  • Fix – Spelling Mistakes

  • Fix – Tag pages show wrong games on mobile

  • Fix – Promoted games not ordered correctly

Version 5.4 of the theme is also on the horizon that is going to provide more features and will improve the current blog system to allow users to easily add new blog posts and to customize them much more than they could currently stay tuned for more ~

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