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Recaptcha Fixed (You can now register on Arcadesters again!)

Hello Folks,
Dispite me fixing this issue previously, It was during an upgrade to the new version of mybb that it reverted my recaptcha settings, however this is now fixed and I've changed it to the default "mybb captcha" so that visitors can now register again.

I've also resolved some website loading problems which caused arcadesters to be slow in the past few weeks. Deeply sorry for the delay as I've been busy with freelance work, twitch and other things. I'll work on adding a new contact feature page for guests and members to use in case anything in future goes wrong or if they struggle to register with the website.
  • Website loading issues fixed.
  • Recaptcha removed and replaced with mybb version captcha.
  • Calender & Help links moved to within "Other Links" drop down main menu on top bar.
  • New "Contact Support" menu link added with captcha on that page also fixed.
  • All emails are now under one email address including the noreply email, support email, admin email which are now active and will all redirect to my email which I review daily just incase for whatever reason those don't work. I'll also be working on adding an external contact page on which is being worked on now to ensure that there are a few methods of reaching support.

Thanks & Regards,
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