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Hi to all arcadesters ;)

I'm glad that Antz was quick to replace fallen Talk Arcades site.

I hope Arcadesters forum will have less spam messages than TA and to be a place to exchange knowledge and ideas around arcade game sites.

Greetings from Zagreb, Croatia...

Hello Goja,
Greetings from Scotland and yes I figured that it would be a very long time until we could see a proper replacement for TalkArcades which is why I built Arcadesters as a suitable replacement.

Hopefully more will share this forum and be able to re-connect with their fellow webmasters alot more quickly.

[Image: pwnful-banner.fw.png]

I have share it on Myarcadeplugin's forum but I saw that you already posted there also.

I will share a link to Arcadesters on some Croatian forums which arcade webmasters may visit.

The more (of us here) the merrier Wink

Good to know some of the folks from talkarcades regruped here. I just signed up also

It was great to hear old members rejoined here again.

Welcome to every one.

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