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My first gaming site & lots of questions

I am working on my first gaming site and I have a lots of questions.

I hope some of you who have experience can help.

Let me start with this question (for now  Wink).

Flash is not supported anymore in major browsers (and on mobiles also) so I guess I should not waist my time and energy on putting flash games on web site.
Unity 3D, if I checked correctly is also not supported in Chrome and MS Edge (yes, I know you can change default settings and get it running but...).

As times goes by there will be less and less flash and unity games so it seems to me that I should stick with HTML5 games.

I appreciate your thoughts about this subject.

Hello Goja,
Flash is still being supported in browsers until the year 2020 that is when the flash player plugin extension which is used on many browsers will be discontinued. There are several people who are developing javascript / HTML5 based players which will emulate flash so it'll appear seamless to visitors so that flash based content can still be included and shown to an extent of being able to run a flash game developed pre-2000s for both historical and entertainment purposes, newgrounds is the first to announce they are investing the time to develop a solution to this problem.

Further Information & More Detailed Read:

On Mobile flash has been fazed out for a lot of years now with over 99.5% of games on mobile being developed as an app as to a flash based game on an app or embedded within a browser. When people play games on a mobile or tablet they'll play the games through various apps. (So pretty much each app is in itself it's own game on it's own website as a sum up)

I'd say that if any flash games do get published now that they should only be considered if it has a big following otherwise just generally accept HTML5, Unity and other game engines which work on browsers as I doubt there will be 1 standard format for all games like how flash had the .swf which made all games be published on flash with flash player rather than on shockwave .dcr, I feel as though adobe will make people use "Adobe Air" sort of structure as it doesn't require any installations of plugins in order to run flash or HTML5 within browsers and isn't being fazed out until it's counterpart adobe flash player.

So from whatever prospective you look at it, I still see flash as just being there on the internet for many more years to come.

[Image: pwnful-banner.fw.png]

Thank you for sharing your thoughts about it.

I understand that flash has a legacy from last 15-20 years with thousands of games available while HTML5 does not.
And if I had an existing site with many games already on it I will leave flash games on the site also.

But I am thinking from my perspective where I am going to just start adding games to my site. Somehow I just don't want to spend time and effort on the games that probably won't be able to be played in some two years.

I love flash and I saw some really great games made with it but I think I will stick with HTML5 games for now.
As time will pass probably some new things will pop out and change the gaming world as we know it Smile

I have found some interested texts in last couple of days so I share with you and other who might be interested in this subject.

How's the site going Goja?

For starting out my opinion is you are making the best choice in focusing on current technology. For whomever would be interested I would just reiterate/state a few points in supporting that:

  • Everyone loves new content, both players and Google / search engines.
  • The easier you make it for users the better chance you have to get and keep them. No extra steps like additional downloads, plugins, settings, etc. Obviously, this is why HTML5 is so attractive.
  • Don't completely omit Unity (also referred to as Unity 3D). Unity dropped the plugin method to focus on WebGL export. WebGL is not fully supported on all mobile (ref: Unity: WebGL Browser Compatibility) but there are some games that could work and it should work on most desktop platforms.
  • The bulk of the current market (players) is mobile so always keep that in mind.
  • I don't know what you're using to serve the games but some of the current arcade scripts will only serve compatible content so that can make your life easier.


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