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The Future of Flash the 2020 Deadline of Flash Player

Hello Everyone,
Has many of you are already fully aware adobe are discontinuing adobe flash player on 2020 there are still many online games portal websites still using flash formats on their portals however I do have a few suggestions to push webmasters in the right direction to prepare for it, do bare in mind however come 2020 the format might become open sourced and there might be developed third party solutions by then to continue support but for the meantime here are the suggestions.
  • Group all flash based games into it's own exclusive category, this way you can easily manage any flash based content more effectively.
  • Replace flash game pages with a download page instead (maybe a download for a desktop based mini website or single flash files?) replacing the main location with a HTML5 walkthrough video.
  • Update the current embed codes on flash games pages with a more up to date embed code scraping the old embed codes. (could help for an easier transition in future)
  • Add a banner on the flash game page either above or below informing the visitor this game required flash in order to play, keep it shown so the visitor is well informed in advanced.
  • Inform your visitors about adobe flash player by adding a small link on the footer linking to a more descriptive web page (like a privacy policy only just for flash).
  • Where possible convert your source code flash files into HTML5 files (.swf format isn't yet a convertible format for games, you'll require the original source code file to do so).
  • Create a desktop application which uses adobe air to play flash based content as desktop application (therefore preserving all flash games in 1 downloadable large file).
It's an extremely good idea to take precautions now in advanced to help maintain good healthy SEO as Google is very unpredictable in terms of what content is and isn't okay and tends to give very short notice or in some cases no notice at all.

Past 2020 flash will still be a supported format without a doubt, in the past adobe flash player had been discontinued on other operating systems such as Linux and then picked up again 5 years later by Adobe themselves, I heavily doubt adobe would just outright abandon the .swf format and I'm sure there are plans in place to help those to preserve these formats. Many web browsers now already have flash support built-in without the need of installing adobe flash player plugin.

I hope this has shed some light on a situation that has not been discussed that well, some useful links are here as follows. Regards,
[Image: pwnful-banner.fw.png]

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