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Y8 Will Take Legal Action Against Other Sites

Starting 10/15/2018 (2 days from now) Y8 will start taking legal action against other arcade portals who host their games (by downloading them) OR through iframes. 


Hm, why would anyone redirect users to another websites for free? I will never do it because there are many games on Gamedistribution and other websites, and I believe this is not good for Y8.

That's kinda funny. I remember Y8 took my game that I uploaded to Kongregate and hosted it themselves...

Well to be honest I don't think Y8 has much legal grounds to go by since the majority of those iframe embeds occurred well before these "new guidelines" came into play, It's not against the law to iframe content but it is illegal for Y8 to host content which does not legally belong to them and if developers and webmasters look apon what content Y8 has, you can see the majority is copyrighted content or infringing content as it self as a whole.

I look forward to any DMCA notices Y8 gives because it has no legs to stand on.

Y8 do us a solid, take down that silly notice and simply remove the games which has embed codes that are on that page, update it so it states what games are effected and add a simple iframe breaker script code. That's all you need to do Y8 not threaten other webmasters with DMCA when many can just turn around and tell you to hold on a second. what about the various games you are hosting that has our sponsored games on it? what about our exclusive games?

Let's play a game of chicken, see who will prevail.

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