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How much does a typical Game portal make?

I know this question is like asking, How long is a piece of string? But I was wondering how much revenue/profits you guys currently get. Especially since there has been a decline of people looking for browser games. 


Hello Duck,
Online Based Games isn't really that on a downturn but rather webmasters who are failing to keep up and adapt to the way people play games there are still plenty of desktop based traffic out there which can easily be captured and converted into profit most people think because it's hosting flash content that it'll just instantly die and people will just stop using it but that's not really the case as instead you should be reconfigurating what content, you display to your visitors and base it along what they search for and if your webpages have good enough value to them they'll easily help towards making the website stronger on it's weight in search.

People need to stop thinking how to make a "games portal website" and start to re-evaluate what it is to run a website in the first place on core values and on the core structure of a website, most failed because they did what the top games websites did and copy the "friv" style with no meaningful backup on the strength of the domain and website so of course when many converted their websites over to these new CMS's and layouts they've pretty much thrown out what made them a success in the first place.

In terms of revenue you can still earn as little or as much as you aim to achieve, it's just a website there is no tier for us alone, we earn just like how normal websites earn so the potential is always there to become successful.

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