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flash support


im here on a troublesome matter.
the flush will be stopped supported by chrome and other browsers by the end of 2020.

most of my games are flash, as of most the games site.

Id like to know how you others webmasters are facing this important issue - and its important since it could be a shock for the branch and many sites will disappear.

Dror from
Confused Angry Exclamation

Hello Dror2104,
Just like how Shockwave disappeared and other older game formats, there will always still be ways to play those games. Your website will require restructuring to prioritize newer supported formats while shifting the older formats such as flash and others more to the background, it does not hurt to keep the pages as it's good for SEO, you could also try your hand at converting them over or replacing them with games which is like the ones that are being attempted to be viewed.

[Image: pwnful-banner.fw.png]

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