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Licenses & Keys (Please Read Before Posting)

Please can you make sure that it's valid to transfer your License / Key before posting a WTS / WTB thread. It's extremely important that you respect the creators terms & conditions first before all else.
  • Do not post the website address has the license / key on it (If you wish to share please post it via PM).
  • Do not share the actual license / key itself until payment has been confirmed and fully paid.
  • Don't send any payment of any sort until the person selling the license / key has responded to you via PM and is ready for payment.
  • Do not pay using eCheques, bank transfer, physical in real life cash or even using PayPal's gifted method (DON'T DO IT).
  • Always pay using PayPal's Paying For Goods method or if larger amount use (ALWAYS use the official links type them yourself never click on links sent via reply, pm).
  • Make sure that the payments linked used is official and not for example these are fake do not use them ( or ) ALWAYS use directly
  • Check a members reputation first before buying or selling anything (If they have a record on here we will add it to their profile).

Please make it VERY CLEARLY on what you are actually selling or buying to the buyer or seller.

Thanks for reading, Please continue on with the threads within this sub-forum.

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Thread Locked & Sticked.
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