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What happened to arcades world? The apocalypse?

I wish to know what happened to game portals world.

It seemed to me that a meteorite destroyed it like in the dinosaurs epoch. Now new species are raising. 

The dinosaurs were the flash portals, flash developes and all that lived from flash like advertising companies. 

First of all was Mochi. Then many arcades and developers went bankrupt .
TalkArcades died suddenly. Browsers are removing support for flash plug-ins.

Epic games ads, copacet, arcadeclicks, advertisegame, bannerflux, gameadvert, gamecpm, gamescpc, gamesbannernet, arcadegameads, pwnbanners, topgamesway (just to cite some) are out of business.

This forum and others I was checking have almost no user (compared to TalkArcades).

Does anyone could tell me what happened to TalkArcades, Mochi, epic game ads and copacet?

I hope we be able to transform ourselves in the new species that survived to the meteorite. 


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