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The Advertising/Publisher Network Websites List

This is the "The Advertising/Publisher Network Websites List" which I originally made on TalkArcades however since then many things have changed, So I felt it was time to update the list to also include mobile advertising too. down below I've added what each short term means if you are not sure about the ad world's word jargon. I hope this list helps you and if so be sure to mention it to others, If you have any good or bad experiences with these companies please PM me and I'll be sure to update accordingly. 

CPC = Cost per Click (PPC).
CPM = Cost per 1000 impressions
CPA = Cost per action aka cost per conversion such as an installation or certain action done by the visitor.
Other & Various = Maybe all of the above or something more specialized.
Marketplace = Buy & Sell advertisement placements for certain amount of times or per x amount of clicks or impressions.
Strict Requirements = Might be hard to become accepted for and may need to have a large volume of traffic every month or year to become accepted.

LAST UPDATE: 08/01/2019 (Checked & Updated)

[Most Recommended / Highly Used By Others]
GameAds - (CPC) (Decent fill & easy to be accepted for)
Adsense - (CPC/CPM)
Ad4Game - (CPC/CPM/CPA) (very poor rates on everything, good for a filler on an other ad network)
Ad2Games (hitfox) - (CPC) (Strict requirements)
CPMStar - (CPC/CPM/CPA) (Strict requirements)
GTBurst - (appear to be operating and accepting new publishers)
Big Fish Games - (Earn on per Conversion / Installation)
Clicksor - (CPC/CPM/Other) (Instant Approval, Fast Payouts but annoying ads)
DriverDigital GameRoll - (Various) (Unknown Requirements) - (CPC, Easy approval but slowish payout? recently got new owner?) - (CPC) (Requires alexa rank should be less than 1,000,000.)
Chitika - (CPC/Other) (Adsense Alternative?) (Long-term Established Company)
Axill -  (CPM/CPA) (Long-term Established Company) - (Buy & Sell ad placements for certain about of time, very well established) - (CPM/CPC, very well established but strict requirements? also known as the best Adsense Alterative)

[Unrelated Generic Advertising / Publisher providers]
PlayWire - (Video Ads Platform, pre-game ads / video ads) (Formerly Intergi but playwire has pretty much booted out old publishers in favor of piracy websites. true story.) - (CPC/CPL/CPA) (Rates are very poor and unsure if accepting new publishers) - (Unsure if still operating website is very outdated.)
BidVertiser - (CPC/Other) (Long-term Established Company)
Exponential (Formerly tribalfusion) - (CPM/Other) (Strict Approval, Long term established)
Rhythmone (Formerly BurstMedia) - (CPM/Other) (Strict Approval, Long term established)
GlobalWideMedia (Formerly NeverblueAds) - (CPA) -  (CPA) (long term established, helps fill with better inventory of your choice) - (Marketplace) (very old but still operating?) - (CPM/Various, Unknown requirements?) - (CPC) - (CPM) - (CPM) - (Various, Out of date website? unsure if accepting new publishers?) - (CPM) - (Aimed at mobile games)
UnityAds - (Aimed at mobile games)
AdColony - (Aimed at mobile games)
Adroll - (pre-content video ads & banners?)
Adblade - (PPC Ad Network, Well established)
Adclerks - (Buy & Sell ad space, well established & trusted)

[Newly Added] - (popup ad network) (CPM network, well established) - (CPM network, well established) - (Text Ads / Affiliate type ads)
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Thread Updated 08/01/2019

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Thank for information

#4 - cpc

Hi everyone, I am glad forum is online again.
What would be the best network for in-game ads?
Google offers "Ads for games", but it's really hard to get approved there.

Sorry for the forum being down, I had a lot of other things that needed to be resolved that took priority, it'll not be a reoccurring thing to happen again lol.

The list is a few years out of date, will require going through and updating what's there.

There has been many new in-game ad networks popping up that I can find via Google Search, so it's all trial and error at this point.

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