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Why Arcadesters Will NEVER Have A GameFeed

Hello Folks Antz Here,
Now some of you may remember my debate about GameFeed systems when it was on TalkArcades and my prospective on it, If not I'll of course state the details as to why there will never be a GameFeed system integrated within this forum.

Here are my main points sum'd up
  • Having a GameFeed integrated within a major forum can become very resource hungry and can result in a lot of security risks for the forum itself.
  • Submitted games within GameFeeds tend to be extremely poor low quality, pre-made, pre-templated and re-skinned games which drive visitors away from portals completely.
  • A lot of copied thumbs, descriptions, titles and filenames which results in overall poor SEO for all websites that use it which can result in more damaging consequences for all other game portals eCPM.
  • It results in a lot of laziness from webmasters which can even lead to security risks since 9/10 games are not screened for security exploits. will NEVER have a GameFeed system integrated within the forum or the domain itself, you as a webmaster should put in more effort and stop getting spoon hand outs from low quality, security risked and website damaging GameFeed systems. You might see other forums have this feature integrated but do please compare for yourself as my sum'd up points were from my own experience throughout the years of running a games portal and as such has made webmasters lazy or some even not maintaining their portals expecting GameFeed systems to fill the void of the lack of content.

Antz Founder & Owner (Former TalkArcades Main Moderator)
[Image: pwnful-banner.fw.png]

I totally agree with your point of view Antz.

Most people just buy a ready made game system and click on Fetch games button and boom - next day they have 4567 games already.
In people's nature is to be lazy but this fetching thing does not have any sense.
Each site has same crappy games, same lousy descriptions, same bad thumbnails and this will not get them very far on google or other search engines.
Because of that their sites will suck.

Sites which suck and has bad search engine optimization won't get too far.

I have just started my first game site and for the last few days I add them manually.
I search for the game, test it, decide if it is good to be on my site, write a description, take a screenshot, optimize it in PS, add walkthrough video and test it on the web after all.
Yes it is a lot of work for one game but I enjoy it and each day I add 2 of them.

I believe this is a way to build a site and that search engines will appreciate my approach.

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