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Holy Smokes!

So, hi all. A long time sporadic Talk Arcades user just dropping in to say hello.

A bit of a shocker on the whole TA thing. What a huge waste of content and page authority!  The good thing for me is if someone will let that all go to waste it makes me feel not too bad about all my derelict sites.  

Not surprised to find Antz was Johnny On The Spot in picking up the dropped ball. I'll try to contribute a little to help out. No guarantees, not sure what I've got to offer anymore. Smile

Hello Toppy,
Long time no see! welcome to Arcadesters the new resource for both arcade webmasters, game developers and webmasters of all kinds. thank you for the comments and I do agree that the way TalkArcades was handled after Mark passed on the forum to a new owner was extremely dire with myself and all moderators handling the majority of the issues and support on the forum while the owner turned a blind eye to it for many years. I would of loved to take on TalkArcades but that opportunity was not given to me but perhaps someday we will get it back but within a different prospective.

My hope is that Arcadesters will fill the void that TalkArcades left wide open and for this forum to become a better, more robust and useful forum than any that has came before or after this.

Once again welcome to Arcadesters, share it with your friends, co-workers and fellow webmasters no matter if current or former. I'm sure more things will appear in the next coming years that will see a shift in how gaming portals are perceived.

Thanks & Regards,
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Welcome ....!!!!

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