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Arcade Scripts & CMS Solutions 2018 [Who's Dead? Who's Active?]

Hello Everyone,
A few months ago I emailed a large number of Arcade Scripts & CMS owners to get to the bottom of a number of questions which I'm sure is on everyone's mind not just current customers but future customers and for those who want a piece of the online gaming sector industry. the following questions I put forward to 8 Arcade Scripts & CMS Solutions which related to our industry out of the 8 only 5 had replied. This actually had some extremely surprising results from very good and health to almost grinding down and altering their future aspirations for their Arcade Scripts & CMS Solutions. 

1) Are you still developing and supporting your arcade script / cms?

2) A lot of gamefeed systems are now offline or away what are you doing to counter this?

3) What are you doing to combat the ever increasing threats of hacking, defacing and exploits in your CMS arcade scripts?

4) What do you plan on adding to your arcade scripts / cms in future?

First to respond was "Best Arcade Script" team one day response time from initial email sent.

Quote:Hi Antz,
Thank you for contacting us!
Yes, we maintain the code and publish high quality updates frequently. We also help and reply within 48 hours.
Our game feed importer works perfectly with the supported available game feeds. Unfortunately we have no control on third-party services.
Our script is built with security in mind.
We have lots of planned features which we would like to add.
Feel free to let as know if you have an further question!

Second to reply was am-fs from "Free Arcade Script and Gamers Arcade Script and contribute to Your Arcade Script" replying within 1 day email was sent.

Quote:1 - yes i still support and develop Free Arcade Script and Gamers Arcade Script and contribute to Your Arcade Script.

2 - my gamefeeds are still up and running

3 - do what i can to stop attacks

4 - any thing i can or what members suggest

i give support on my script sites and my forum =>


Thirdly Daniel the CEO of replied 4 days after email was sent.

Quote:Hello Antz,
Thank you for your message and here are the answers from MyArcade's perspective: 

1) Yes, we are still developing and supporting your WordPress Arcade Plugin and our Themes. As you can see on our blog we are very active on it ( ).

2) There are still many of great distributors available. Most of them offer now HTML5 games and Flash is nearly dead. Additionally there are many new IBPArcade Games (HTML5 versions) available, too.

3) As our Arcade Script rely on WordPress, the most security issues are fixed very fast by the huge community. Additionally we follow WordPress coding and security guidelines.

4) Our road map is full of ideas but I can't provide you details because we are one of the market leaders and want to keep our lead in this niche.

It would be great if you could publish an article based on the information you get from other arcade script/plugin/cms developers. Don't forget to share the link with us Smile

Best regards,

CEO of MyArcadePlugin

P.S. You can write to me in English, German, Serbian, Bosnian or Croatian.

Lastly Andy from AV Scripts replied within 10 days of the email being sent.

Quote:Hello Antz,

1. AV Arcade & AVCMS are supported for bug fixes and security updates but I am not planning feature updates.

2. It’s a shame how many have shut down but AV Arcade still has 5 active feeds with thousands of games available

3. AV Arcade 6 runs on a very modern codebase built on a foundation of widely-used and highly-scrutinised open source packages. I make sure to keep these up-to-date with security fixes and releases.

4. As I said above, I’m afraid I don’t have any big plans going forward.

Best wishes,

The Arcade Scripts / CMS solutions who did not reply were the following.
  • onArcade (No Response, last known release 22 August 2017)
  • ArcadeBooster (No Response, last known release 12-04-2014)
  • ArcadeTradeScript /ATS (Email Errored, Script & website has been taken offline since emailing).
  • One of the scripts I contacted was owned by the same owner which was am-fs.
The following Arcade Scripts / CMS Solutions have now disappeared completely.
  • Trade Arcade Master
  • Nexus Arcade Script
  • Online Games Site Script
  • GameSiteScript
  • ProArcadeScript
  • ArcadeScript
  • PHPArcadeScript (PHPAS)
  • QuickArcade (Abandonware)
  • StandAloneArcade (Abandonware)
  • 3Arcade (Abandonware, Website Exploited & Hacked)
  • Scripteen Arcade Script (Abandonware)
  • TradeArcadePro / TAP
  • WPE Arcade
  • MediaScripts Advance Arcade
  • World Arcade Script
  • ctArcade
  • My Game Script
  • OneStepArcade
  • WParcade
  • DMS Arcade
  • E-Soft24 Flash Games Script (Abandonware)

Please be aware that the email I had sent was email to email and I did not use their support based systems to contact the following Arcade Scripts / CMS Solution owners and that the response time to the emails was in no way dictating their support abilities or response times to both current and new customer support. The following emails above is to answer questions which I'm sure many webmasters have flowing through their heads, this thread is in no way sponsored, endorsed or associated with any of the Arcade Scripts / CMS that were contacted. The emails are unaltered and were taken in direct dictation from the origin source of my gmail email account. This thread was written except for quotes was created by myself Antoni Galloway.
[Image: pwnful-banner.fw.png]

Great research.

Well done, thank you.

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