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Fixes to Forum as of 18/02/2018

Hello Everyone,
Got some more fixes, adjustments and things which have happened down below are the following improvements.
  • Google Captcha now updated to V2 all new members will now be able to register. (Sorry about that!)
  • Security Questions have now been made a lot more simple as for some members these were too hard to answer.
  • Links on the top menu bar changed with quick access to login area and signup area added and "Portal Home" instead of "Home" to save the confusion when clicking those buttons.
  • New RSS feed bot will be dropping forum topic feeds from various important websites, this will help webmasters gain access and be alerted to sudden updates and news more easier and quicker.
  • Portal Guest Menu has been updated to encourage new members to join our forum with explained benefits on why you should join, hint hint folks ;D.
  • Buttons on main header menu has been altered so login & registration for this website is more clear to see and understand.
  • Login page has a registration button added below the login box, so those who click there by mistake who are not members can be taken to the correct registration area.
I'm also currently working on adding HTTPS to this forum so that it meets Google's new SSL web standards, this will take a little bit of work to get done due to the complexities it undertakes. Also may consider adding a forum currency system which grants active members bonus abilities and access to certain ranked members to encourage more active forum posting.

Above all else folks, share this forum with your fellow webmasters, signup and join today! It's easier than ever to do!

[Image: pwnful-banner.fw.png]

Sweet! Keep up the great work Antz!

Thanks David,
I want to make this forum as useful as I can towards webmasters so that they may gather all sorts of resources they need from one source, instead of splitting off to various websites only for a bit of information on each, that was one of the issues I had years ago when I had to visit various websites to checkup on news, updates and new releases.

The RSS Feeds which are sync'd up are currently the following, they sync every 24 hours and post 1 blog post from the following sources.
- SearchEngineLand [RSS]
- Google Central Webmaster Blog [RSS FEED]
- MyArcadePlugin [RSS FEED]
- [RSS FEED] (Currently disabled due to inactivity from onArcade)
- Bing Webmaster Tools [RSS]

I do plan on adding more from various search engines, I'm also working on adding tools which webmasters can use on this website for checking various status and such as well as some private ad space for which anyone can buy so long as they related somehow to this forum. I'm 100% dedicated to making this forum the best in the world for all Arcade Webmasters and it'll remain that way for the foreseeable future.

Thanks & Regards,
[Image: pwnful-banner.fw.png]

Thnk for information

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